Oracle Partner Exchange Keynote


It is very interesting to seat in a room filled with a large cloud, very representative of the Oracle Partner Ecosystem in its diversity and passion for the portfolio.

This unique partner ecosystem is definitively a key differentiator in Oracle’s go to market strategy.  

Key Topics:

* Fusion Applications

* Engineered Systems

* Big growth initiatives coming next year  

Fusion Applications

Fusion Apps is big this year, you can feel it in the air with many of the partners making the suite their key strategic offering this year.  

Engineered Systems

The message from Oracle is loud and clear: “do no replicate our cloud offerings and engineered systems, join us instead”.

Also, partners are called to join Oracle in evangelizing across the different channels and extend the reach of this engineered system offerings across their particular focus industries.  Growth initiatives With the engineered systems platform coming to its maturity stage and the big push this year for cloud offerings Oracle is asking partners to step up and go to market aggressively.

Mark’s key remarks regarding growth are additional investment from Oracle side’s on the sales force, the fact that the company’s owns a best of breed portfolio and… please do not compare Hanna with Exadata…  

New products

* Fusion Apps is a big push this year

* New Exadata configuration with 26 TB of storage (52 times the biggest Hanna configuration)

* Business applications, Analytics and many of the portfolio components now available on the cloud

Key Announcements by Larry Ellison @ the Open World Keynote

The key announcement from day one are out now and I am pretty sure there’s a bunch of unhappy people at SAP headquarters in Germany with the announcement of Exadata X3 which is 42 times larger the largest Hanna configuration.  

Key Announcements:

*) Oracle Cloud to offer Infrastructure as a Service   – Not conventional infrastructure (ROS, RVM, Compute Services, Storage Services) – All on engineered systems – All networked with Infiniband  

*) Oracle Private Cloud   – For organizations with strict compliance requirements such as banks and government institutions.  

*) Oracle Database 12c   – First multi-tenant database in the cloud – Being delivered in 2013 – A single instance of the database on shared hardware that allows for shared workloads – The support  

*) Exadata X3 26 TB of DRAM and Flash – Ability to have multiple databases stored in memory – Ultra-high performance   10X database compression – Store 220 TB in memory – Reduce storage costs by 10X   Infrastructure of the Oracle Cloud and Private Cloud – High Performance, Reliability, Security – Only pay for what you use  

Key nugget: One rack of Exadata is cheaper than a EMC Synnetrix VMAX 40K and it also comes with the database license.