Key Announcements by Larry Ellison @ the Open World Keynote

The key announcement from day one are out now and I am pretty sure there’s a bunch of unhappy people at SAP headquarters in Germany with the announcement of Exadata X3 which is 42 times larger the largest Hanna configuration.  

Key Announcements:

*) Oracle Cloud to offer Infrastructure as a Service   – Not conventional infrastructure (ROS, RVM, Compute Services, Storage Services) – All on engineered systems – All networked with Infiniband  

*) Oracle Private Cloud   – For organizations with strict compliance requirements such as banks and government institutions.  

*) Oracle Database 12c   – First multi-tenant database in the cloud – Being delivered in 2013 – A single instance of the database on shared hardware that allows for shared workloads – The support  

*) Exadata X3 26 TB of DRAM and Flash – Ability to have multiple databases stored in memory – Ultra-high performance   10X database compression – Store 220 TB in memory – Reduce storage costs by 10X   Infrastructure of the Oracle Cloud and Private Cloud – High Performance, Reliability, Security – Only pay for what you use  

Key nugget: One rack of Exadata is cheaper than a EMC Synnetrix VMAX 40K and it also comes with the database license.

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