Issue/Error with ODI Studio right click

As I work with the Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA) repository in ODI studio I have recently noticed I am no longer able to right click on objects. I have found two solutions, the first one is a work-around:


Work Around:

Let’s assume you want to right click on a particular folder or scenario, you notice as you do so the context menu does not come up, go ahead and do the following:

  1. Select the object with a left click
  2. Move your mouse pointer outside the object’s boundary, I prefer a little bit to the right
  3. Right click, the context menu should come up now

This work around works if you are restricted on changing your installation’s settings or using a hosted platform such as Citrix



In cases where you have access to install software your system then you should look into the compatibility matrix for ODI Studio and the version of Java you are working with. In my case I noticed the hosting provider for my environment has setup JDK 1.7  64-bit, I noticed for some versions of ODI JDK 1.6 was required so I downloaded both 32 and 64 bit versions and pointed my odi.conf file to them version. The 64 bit version did solve my issue, which is great since I can allocate more memory to the client under this bit version.



Error: Unable to access Oracle Data Integrator repository. You will not be able generate or execute load plans.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Logo

Upon logging to the Oracle Business Intelligence Application’s Configuration Manager system I was greeted with an error message stating the following: “Unable to access Oracle Data Integrator repository. You will not be able generate or execute load plans.”


Upon some triage I was able to determine a couple of possible root causes to my issue.


  1. Not using the BIAdmin user created during the install process, or, the BIAdmin user account was not created.
  2. Current session was initiated with a set of credentials that haven’t been granted the BIA_ADMINISTRATOR_DUTY  role on weblogic security
  3. Additional roles are missing or not assigned to the credentials initiating the current session


After reviewing all possible options and confirming I am using a valid account with the proper roles and permissions I asked my system administrator to restart the server, this fixed my issue. I should have started there but at least I came out of the experience with a better understanding of the roles that control security in my installation of OBIA


Last resort, if all else fails:

* Make sure after you have regenerated and moved the security files that the file odi.conf is updated to refer to jps-config-jse.xml.

ODI Error: ora-00001–unique constraint ( pk_pop ) violated




odi-10182: Uncategorized exception during repository access

ora-00001: unique constraint ( pk_pop ) violated




There is another interface with the same name on the repository.  Interface names are unique and independent of their folder location. In my case I had an interface with the same on a different folder.




Rename or delete your duplicate interface.

Error: ora-00001: unique constraint ( pk_txt_header ) violated



odi-10182: Uncategorized exception during repository access

ora-00001: unique constraint ( pk_txt_header) violated



The table definition was created by duplicating metadata for another table. Indexes are defined as constraints in ODI, when duplicating the original table object the index definitions are duplicated with the original names, for some reason this does not trigger an error at the time of duplicating the tables, the primary key validation for the index name is triggered –in my case- at the time of saving a mapping where the table duplicate is a target.



On Design > Models look up the duplicate table. Once located review and update the names of each of the constraints / indexes defined on metadata and save them. Once you have completed the review you should be able to save the mapping throwing the original issue message.