Did you run out of time in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications (OBIA)?

There’s nothing worse than this right? I’m with you man (sister)!

All right in all due seriousness this can be an awkward situation where you come in Monday morning and your business stakeholders look deeply angry since none of their reports look right and they need to finish the close of the month/year/quarter.

Anyways, in both OBIA 7.9.x and 11g this is most likely due to the fact that the variables that control the generation of calendar tables are set to a date now in the past.


OBIA Solution

  1. Log in to OBIA Configuration Manager (BIACM)
  2. Go to Manage Data Load Parameters
  3. Look for Configure Time Dimension > Gregorian Date Range End
  4. Change the END_DATE parameter to a date far far in the future
  5. Put on a contrite face and let your users know this will be fixed next time your load runs

OBIA 7.9.x Solution

The same general steps would need to be applied on your DAC client to fix this issue in versions of OBIA that use Informatica Power Center

  1. Open your DAC console client
  2. Navitate to Design > Tasks
  3. Look up the SIL_DayDimension task
  4. Look up the Parameters tab on the bottom panel
  5. Change the $$END_DATE parameter to a future date
  6. Same deal, contrite face, deep breath and break in the news that this won’t be fixed until tomorrow morning



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